Contemporary Custom Quilting

Custom quilting for the modern quilter by Christine Perrigo

Contemporary Custom Quilting

If quilts had karma… this one would be all bad..


This quilt was one of the lonely quilt tops from my mother-in-law. This quilt was created as a guild project in which each person added a different border. This being said, each border added just seamed to add to the wonkiness of the quilt. I had never even considered posting a picture of this quilt, but circumstances changed that.


I finally picked out a fabric from her stash for the backing and binding, and decided to add an orphaned block to the backing. However my measurements were not spot on the backing had it’s own wonkiness.. (I didn’t even get a picture.. but trust me.. it matched the front.  I had already decided on a fairly loose all over design with a fine thread. Truly.. I just wanted to get the quilt done… So I mounted it on the longarm and mostly went on to something else when this happened:


Yup.. the foot went under the edge of the quilt and happily stitched itself into the quilt. I was able to save the quilt top, but I ended up with a hole in the backing.


The dark patch that you see is a small piece of backing that i shoved between the backing and batting to help patch it up before I stitched over it again (very carefully.. ).


You can see the small dark patch where I also lost some of the batting, and didn’t bother to replace it before stitching over it.  This is the tool that got me out of the bind:


A curved claw style seam ripper.  When the quilt was finally all together I ended up putting a small curve shaped patch on the back. Which is hardly noticeable.


Hopefully I did this quilt justice in the end, since there is so much work in to it. I just know that I will try to never think badly about a quilt before I am about to quilt it again. (Also I will be using smaller basting stitches around the edges, and watch the machine around the edge more closely too.. )