Contemporary Custom Quilting

Custom quilting for the modern quilter by Christine Perrigo

Quilting for others





7 over 9 by Kathleen Probst




5 over 4 by Kathleen Probst




Ninefold by Kathleen Probst




Spires by Kathleen Probst




Lean on me by Kathleen Probst




Build on It by Kathleen Probst




Squiggle by Dan Rouse




Fallen Petal, by Karen Lee





Glamclam by Latifah Saafir




Slow Curves Ahead by Stephanie Z. Ruyle

  • Fabri-Quilt (Painter’s Palette) booth- Quiltcon, February 2018 Pasadena, CA
  • Simply Moderne, Issue 13, summer 2018, page 28




Pineapple quilt by Chawne Kimber




Sampler by Lynne Troup




Macaroons by Sarah Hibbert

  • Quiltcon 2017




Icebreaker by Kathleen Probst




Gold by Kathleen Probst




Corner by Kathleen Probst




2 Degrees Celsius by Stephanie Z. Rulye

  • Quiltcon 2018




Escher’s Log Cabin by Denise von Minden




Red by Judy Sanclaria




Courthouse Greens by Marsha Lowenberg




Give and Take by Kari Vojtechovsky




Anchored by Kathleen Probst




Blip by Kathleen Probst




The Wound Is the Place Where the Light Enters You by Lauren Lang





Synapse by  Kari Vojtechovsky




Direction Optional by Stephanie Z. Ruyle




Ripples by DMMQG

  • QuiltCon 2017




You + Me + Us by Kari Vojtechovsky




Bubble Wrap by Stephanie Z. Ruyle

  • Made for “Modern Remix” QNNTV series
  • AQS Paducah, 2017 Judges’ Recognition Award (Katie Pasquini Masopust)
  • AQ Magazine, July 2017. Vol XXXIII No. 4 page 46.
  • AQ Magazine, September 2017. Vol XXXIII No. 5 page 57
  • MQX Quilt Festival- Midwest 2017, Springfield, IL: 2nd place (computerized quilting)
  • DMMQG Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum “How New is Modern?” show. October 2017- January 2018.
  • Simply Moderne, Issue 13, summer 2018, page 26