Contemporary Custom Quilting

Custom quilting for the modern quilter by Christine Perrigo

Contemporary Custom Quilting

Love letters


This quilt was one of the first quilts that my customer had ever made, and she was never quite sure how to quilt it, so it sat around unfinished for a long while. When she found out that I had a long arm she was eager to have me finish it off for her.


This quilt posed many challenges. The first of which were the envelopes themselves. This meant ares of the quilt would not be quilted at all. Second she had already attached the buttons and ties for the envelopes.. Turned out to not to be that big of a deal since I had to avoid the areas anyway. The biggest challenge I faced was the construction of the quilt itself. The background surrounding the envelopes was constructed with the meeting of the on point blocks that held each envelope. The outer part of the background area was finished off with filler triangles. All of this meant that it was a bit puffy with some thick seams (due to the extra envelope fabric). Also the outer border was not in harmony with the sizes in the middle. I knew that I would need to go with a custom job and didn’t want to just go with and all over design that would get trimmed. My original design included just a separate border for the inner background, but I wanted to have it flow better as one space so I found a triangle that came with the square heart pattern I was wanting to use. With the triangular pattern I was able to make the patterns fit the space while keeping it similar to the main background areas.