Contemporary Custom Quilting

Custom quilting for the modern quilter by Christine Perrigo

Contemporary Custom Quilting

green it be..


This is not my type of quilt, however I used some blocks that my mother-in-law had made, and added some plain squares of the same background fabric that I had found in her stash in order to teach myself how to do some custom quilting on the new long arm machine.


This design allowed me to practice separate block designs, sashing, and borders. I used the Decatur set of block designs and border but “My Creative Stitches.”



The sashing is actually something that we just drew up with six simple arcs. It plays well with the other blocks while not dominating them. Plus it allowed me to try my hand at drafting up something specific to use in the drafting software.



The binding I attached by machine, but this time I used a glue stick to baste the binding to the back of the quilt before I stitched it down from the front. This seems to be a good method for me going forward, as I am happy enough with the results. placing the border quilting on this quilt allowed me to learn several things. Mostly that not only do you have to check the spacing on the inner border, but you also have to make sure that you leave room for the binding on the edge. Going forward I may just allow for the binding when I define the border area in the software.



The back of this quilt allowed me to use the one block that did not seem to fit in with the blocks on the front. I tried to place it so that it would purposely not align with one of the blocks on the front, since it would be hard to guarantee that it aligned perfectly on the long arm.

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