Contemporary Custom Quilting

Custom quilting for the modern quilter by Christine Perrigo

Contemporary Custom Quilting

A country xmas…


This is another example of something that is not my style. Again the blocks were from my mother-in-law. When I finally found the book that contained the pattern I decided to put this table runner together. Again, this small quilt allowed me to learn more about the new long arm machine, in this case this small table runner was turned in to a fully custom quilting job.


Placing each of the motifs on the trees and the snowflakes around them made for a good exercise. I also learned how to divide a pattern to isolate the center star for the base of the tree. For the snowflakes I also had to increase the stitches per inch to get the circles at the tips of the snowflakes to stitch out properly.


I also got to practice my sashing skills with this swirl pattern (that you cannot really see in the end) as well as some point-to-point skills with the cross hashing on the checkerboard sections.  In the end I ended up taking it to my small machine and stitching in the ditch around almost everything with just my walking foot, as it just didn’t seem finished without it.  The main thing I learned with this quilt is that a full custom job takes a lot of time. Just this table runner (granted it is long, over 50″) took a full day at the machine to complete.

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