Contemporary Custom Quilting

Custom quilting for the modern quilter by Christine Perrigo

Contemporary Custom Quilting

batik stars…


This quilt was my done for my first paying client. Luckily I consider her a friend as well, and she allowed me to free reign as to the design. Only after coming up with a design did I realized that I viewed this quilt as a challenge to my ability to fit patterns that I already had to the spaces on the quilt. I also was attempting to find and use “hidden” blocks in the design since there was no sashing.


The patterns in the corner squares of each block come together to make a secondary design. I also chose to treat the triangles between the star points as diamonds.


The border design was taken directly from the design on the border fabric. I mirrored the motifs to complete the border.


The backing on this quilt was plain white fabric and showcased the bone colored thread supremely.